Tansley Mission Team Photos - Combined Collection

This posting is mainly for exchange of photos among the team members although anyone is certainly welcome.  The collection is not complete so if team members have more that I can add, just forward them to larryhatt@gmail.com.  For people who were not on the trip and want more photo details, there is lots to see here.

For copying, when you click on a day, you will see small thumbnail size pics and when you click them you will see  a 600x800 pic.  If you want a true copy of the photo, don't copy this one.  Click the 600x800 again for the full size original picture.  Right-Click that one and Save-As to your local folder.

If you click the full size one again, you will see one too big to deal with, but may be useful for discerning some small feature.

20 April - New York to Santiago, Dominican Republic

21 April - Santiago to Plaine du Nord

22 April - Cap Haitien - Empower Global and Related Medical and Schooling Facilities

23 April - Schools, Gardens, and an Orphanage

24 April - Trip to Mountain Community of Laguille -New School & Church

25 April - Dr. Rodney Electrical, Truck Repairs, G5 and Maurice's Story

26 April - More Electrical Repairs to Doctor's House - Trip to the Beach

27 April - Cap-Haitien Haiti to Santiago Dominican Republic


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