26 April - More Electrical Repairs to Doctor's House - Trip to the Beach

Friday, April 26, 2013 – Miriam, Cal and Pastor Thoney visited a Notary first thing, to clarify the purchase agreement and land transfer process for the new school site. As soon as they got back, Cal took the truck for a tire change. Then we headed over to Dr. Rodney’s for the guys to finish up the electrical work. He and his family are very glad to have that done. Dr. Rodney’s wife Vedane, and his children Rudy, Ollie and Alicia joined us for a trip to the beach. This involved travelling through narrow back streets of Cap Haitien and over a really quite alarming mountain road. Cal is really quite the Haitian driver, using the horn and swerving among vehicles with that big truck, with all of us clinging to the back. We finally arrived at a really lovely resort beach. It was fun playing with the kids and floating in the ocean. We are all pondering what we have seen this week and where we might want to invest further effort. We used some of our time this afternoon to talk about that, but there is so much need and so much great work going on that we will need to pray and consider some more before we reach a conclusion. We are very grateful for this whole experience – we have seen the pain and sorrow of the beautiful people of this beautiful country, but also the joy and faith they have and the bright hope for “the big tomorrow adventure”. Grace and mercy indeed, as Pastor Thony tells us often. Tomorrow we’ll be on a bus to Santiago and the next day on a plane home – what will being there look like after being here? We were talking about what we missed or where anticipating at home, and other than family none of us missed much of anything. We all anticipate a long, hot, bubbly bath. And I think most of us think we’d do this again, given the chance.

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  1. Safe trip home. We can't wait to hear more of your stories and observations from this challenging trip.