Jim Allchin's Reflection on the Haiti Mission Trip

Dear Friends of Tansley,

        When our group left Canada with our Team leader Cal Shultz from Empower Global, I really didn't know what to expect. I fully expected to get my hands dirty either building or repairing homes,schools,churches,etc.,but God had a different plan for our small group.
          This was a mission to observe,and identify projects that we might be able to support in future endeavors to a country that needs a lot of love and support to change the way they do things. Cal explained so much about Haiti and their culture and the obstacles they face in their daily lives during that week long adventure. He and his Empower Global team have been bringing real solutions to some of the problems with the way the Haitians carry on with everyday farming activities. Empower Global provides special seeds that can thrive in the hot climate that can provide nutritious vegetables for the farmers families. Hopefully under the watchful eye of inspectors and Cal the farmers will have enough surplus crop to sell. There are many stages to this effort by Empower Global and they are just about ready to start the second phase ( raising goats for meat ).
           I think the most memorable thing that " Team Tansley " saw was the beautiful children. It didn't seem to matter that they were hungry,undernourished and sick,they ALL had wonderful smiles and were extremely happy to see us,play games with us,and sing for us. They were absolutely beautiful children with no real future...kids just wanting to be kids. It really left a lasting impression on all of us. PLEASE look at their pictures,look at their eyes and at their smiles. I learned a staggering statistic ..."OVER 50% of the population of Haiti are children UNDER the age of 15". Please,pray for these children.
          It is our hope that we at Tansley can identify a project that we can ALL get behind to somehow bring a little light into their lives. An old camp song I remember had these lyrics , "And they'll know we are Christians by our love ,by our love. Yes they'll know we are Christians by our love!"
Let's get behind a project at Tansley and show these children the LOVE !!!!!
            Jim Allchin

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